Get Sunflowered


  • Copsley Ornamentals
  • Gippsland Water
  • Traralgon Neighbourhood Learning House
  • Regional Development Victoria
  • Latrobe City Council


Latrobe City, like many Regional Cities, is in a state of change; decline in economic, ecological, and social well-being in an uncertain future. The physical urban landscape reflects this through vacant, redundant and abandoned sites. Get Sunflowered is an innovative design approach developed to work with the community to clean-up, re-make, and re-brand the city through spatially designed golden fields of sunflowers. The gorgeous fields of sunflowers are the happy bi-product of the project which aspires to bring together the fragmented community, and enable them to understand how they might be active agents contributing to a sustainable future.

Key Features


Get Sunflowered is about building a sustainable community, and the sharing of knowledge, skills, resources, and ideas that enable it to be so. Installed as a series of events that:
• Beautify and populate ugly, empty eyesore sites that otherwise depress local neighbourhoods
• Instil a shared pride in place and increase positive social interaction.
• Engage long term unemployed to provide skills training, experience and avenues into paid employment.
• Demonstrate sustainable projects with commercially viable potential to stimulate and support transition of the economy.
• ‘Rebranding’ the Latrobe Valley region, from street level up, as a place of positivity, interest and community achievement.


Get Sunflowered was developed as a series of events that included cleaning the sites, preparing the ground, a planting day, a series of maintenance days, watering, the celebration of harvesting the cut flowers at public garden parties, and finally cleaning up the sites again. The project brought together a fragmented community, gives the community a voice, and enabled the building of productive relationships between community and local industry, business and government. Following the success of the first iteration of this project the community are supporting and contributing to its return.

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