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The airport tarmac environment is one of high traffic volume, extreme noise, and equipment congestion. The Gecko is an Aviation Fuel Hydrant Dispensing vehicle specifically designed for the refueling of “Narrow Body Aircraft” (B737, A320 types). The vehicle makes large improvements over current equipment with significant advances in ergonomics as well as reducing space requirements of the airport tarmac environment during busy “inter-plane” refueling operations. Up until 2030 more than 69% of aircraft deliveries globally will be for “Narrow Body Aircraft” making the Gecko a trend setter and product of choice into the future.

Key Features


The Gecko has three fixed platforms which are used for refueling “Narrow Body Aircraft” types (B737, A320) removing the need for additional equipment.
The Gecko is unique in that it occupies up to 50% less space than traditional refueling vehicles as well as utilizing a small utility vehicle resulting in reduced start up and through life support costs for the customer.
The Gecko does away with complicated Hydraulic systems reducing maintenance costs as well as reducing breakdown risks that traditional equipment are exposed to.
The overall design makes for simplistic operational processes reducing the timeframe for refueling an aircraft.

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