Gecko Bug Zappers


  • UNO Australia
  • Mayo Hardware


The Gecko range of electronic insect killers into the 21st century. Self-cleaning vertical grids, versatile mounting options, weather proof design, along with easy and adjustable replacement functions. The Gecko range steers away from the largely unchanged electronic insect killers in the market today, that have remained largely unchanged since their introduction over 30 years ago. Overall the Gecko range provides a modern spin, to a streamlined design that is extremely functional.

Key Features


All products in the range use a self-regulating, self-cleaning grid system. The grids are placed vertically to ensure waste flows directly through the grids and into the slide-out catcher tray ensuring waste is not caught up in the grid. The grill spacing has been designed to maximise light output to attract bugs and insects, whilst remaining safe, waterproof and childproof. Consumers can choose a hanging or freestanding method, and with the slim line system, there is a wall-mounted option. All products have a quick release tray access for cleaning and easy lamp replacement without tools.

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