Garden State Hotel


  • Technē Architecture + Interior Design
  • Sand Hill Road
  • Schiavello Construction
  • SEMZ Property Group
  • Robert Bird Group


The Garden State is an ambitious 2000 square-metre project, with a capacity for 840 guests. It preserves much of the original textile factory’s shell and sawtooth roof while opening its central bays to form a terraced beer garden that has the feel of a reinvigorated industrial ruin, a layered hidden botanical haven to be explored.

Key Features


The Garden State is an egalitarian space that caters for a broad range of groups with a diversity of spaces and offerings. With an increasing density of urban residents living in medium and high-density dwellings, many people are choosing to entertain their friends in pubs. By creating spaces that are warm, welcoming and intriguing, with unique architectural details and using abundant natural light and landscape elements, The Garden State offers city dwellers and workers a place of respite that they can effectively use as an extension of their living rooms or gardens.


Retaining as much of the existing building’s fabric as possible has been valuable for the character and heritage it imbues the project. The differentiation between old and new is visible although not necessarily cut and dry. A new layer of structure and finish is woven into the existing shell giving the building a new chapter without erasing the last one. The central courtyard is terraced to interconnect the ground levels at the front and back of the site allowing a greater awareness of the programme of the building and the surrounding topography.


The design is well naturally ventilated and makes good use of natural light. The raw construction materials are largely exposed thereby reducing the need for additional cladding and finishing materials. A good amount of the existing building fabric was retained thereby reducing the embodied energy of new materials. Retained fabric includes masonry walls and steel glazing, sections of flooring, floor structure, roof structure and roof cladding. In addition, existing materials from the demolition were re-used where possible. The most striking of these being the structural steel and oregon timber wall panelling in the Rose Garden.

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