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GAMA Healthcare is an infection prevention company which develops and manufactures innovative healthcare products to help prevent infections to improve and save lives. In 2019, they exhibited at the Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control (ACIPC) annual conference.
The exhibition stand needed to be open plan; include a bar area, product category areas and a demo area. The demo area needed to accommodate GAMA’s product, Rediroom, an instant isolation room, which requires a 4x4m space to be deployed. Storage, a sound system, strong GAMA branding visible across the exhibition hall, literature holders and accessibility for wheelchairs were also essential.

Key Features


Worktop style benches were used to display products and create opportunities for discussions. Pushing the benches to the corners of the stand utilised the space, making the stand feel open and inviting. The artwork was designed and positioned to face both into and out of the stand. The bar area had tablets showcasing GAMA’s apps, with seating to encourage delegates to spend time on the stand. The storeroom and benches added integrated storage space. The demo section was defined with coloured floor tiles and tall towers grounded the stand, allowing for branding at a high point, visible from a distance.


GAMA used innovative design to increase customer interest in a field where design is still relatively new. The types of visual communication used: tv screens featuring animations, tablets, live demos, brochures and wall graphics, were different methods of communication, and a change from traditional learning methods. Thus, allowing delegates to experience a different way of learning. This gave GAMA the opportunity for their exhibition stand to engage with a higher number of delegates, having a positive commercial impact on the organisation. Using screens and tablets meant that there were fewer waste materials. A lot of items were hired rather than being custom-made.


For many years, GAMA’s customers have just known as us Clinell – one of our sub-brands. Strong GAMA branding was used alongside familiar products to help show Clinell as one of the brands under the GAMA umbrella. This exhibition and stand design provided an opportunity for the industry to meet the team, see GAMA working together and get an idea of company culture.


A dedicated demo area provided GAMA with an opportunity to demonstrate how the products are used. Having a sound system projected the demos further, encouraging delegates onto the exhibition stand. Bench-height tables allowed for the stand to be more interactive, so delegates felt as though they could engage with the products more. This also allowed for a more open conversation. An educational app was designed called, “The Great GAMA Bug Hunt”. Delegates could download this onto their phone, answer a multiple-choice Infection Prevention question, and then using VR technology, catch bugs flying around the room.

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