Gallery Chair


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The NGV gallery chair was designed as a high performance and light weight conference chair that embodies the design elements of the Great Hall in the NGV. A simple chair, fused with a light weight steel frame, removable upholstered jackets create a well refined comfortable seat.

Key Features


In order to create a light weight and functionally comfortable chair suitable to the needs of the NGV, the Gallery chair defied the conventional chair\’s construction methods. The chairs representation of the space and an extension of the gallery and the elements it emphasises. All the while ensuring that the solution would be economically viable.


The chair is a amalgamation of design, function and economics. A chair originally designed for the great hall itself however in its use in dynamic spaces. It is comfortable and adaptive enough to satisfy a wide variety of seating arrangements. These include formal dining chairs, function chairs, visitor chairs and convention seating. Adaptive and stylish is the core elements of the Gallery chair.


There are currently 800 gallery chairs located at the NGV being used in different capacity\’s. One of the largest problems the NGV faced were pack up and pack down due to the transformation of space – the gallery chair has provided them with a light weight, durable solution. Future proofing was also considered with the removable jacket should there be a need to to change, upgrade or adjust aesthetically the future.


Underpinning the design of the Gallery Chair is the beautiful glass ceiling of The Great Hall at the National Gallery of Victoria. Through the use of new age techniques and technologies the gallery chair was able to form a new unique DNA of it own.


The gallery chair is high capacity stacking chair, that consist of a suspended mesh jacket that is upholstered using a removable jacket (washable, replacable and upgradeable).

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