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The Fusion is the world’s most advanced electric guitar.

With powerful amplifier, speakers, battery and iPhone dock integrated into its design, the Fusion is redefining what an electric guitar is, and what it can do.

All this onboard technology gives the Fusion unrivaled portability, so guitarists can play anytime and anywhere inspiration strikes.

Combining the Fusion with iOS guitar apps and internet connectivity enables unlimited possibilities for learning, playing, creating and sharing music.

Designed in Melbourne, the Fusion has finally unleashed the electric guitar experience.

Key Features



Fusion\’s inventor is an avid musician, traveller and engineer who built his first prototype nearly 20 years ago, because it didn’t exist. After years of refinement, smartphones and guitar apps were introduced, and he realised it was time to design the ultimate electric guitar. He joined forces with Outerspace Design to produce the Fusion Guitar – the most technologically-advanced, most portable and most user-friendly electric guitar.

Leveraging mass-production technologies, hardware integration, and pairing with learning apps makes it the most accessible electric guitar for beginners, while advanced studio apps and compact format make it an attractive addition for professional guitarists.


Design Impact

Armed with a working prototype, a crowdfunding campaign was set up to gauge market response, and raise seed funding through pre-orders. The funding target was smashed with over a thousand orders placed and $500K raised. In order to keep up with demand, Fusion Guitars was incorporated as a spin off company, with its own private investors, CEO, Production Manager and support team.

Fusion is currently shipping guitars to early backers, while taking new orders from US customers directly through its website. As production ramps up, Fusion plans to expand orders to other countries, and design other technologically advanced instruments.


Design Transformation

The early mockup presented to Outerspace was functional but rudimentary. Creative Director, Antony Stolfo led the charge to transform the concept into a serious, high quality musical instrument that acknowledged electric guitar legacy, but heralds in an innovative new feature-rich product category. At the same time the format needed to incorporate a wide range of hardware, be compact and ergonomic, with styling that appeals to a diverse and international customer base, without sacrificing the tone and feel of the guitar or manufacturability. The success of the Fusion has spawned a Fusion R&D division dedicated to developing more revolutionary instruments.


Design Innovation

Those interested in learning electric guitar face a daunting hardware selection barrier, and expensive lessons. Even if they discover learning apps, they find them awkward to use; as the student tries to balance their smart device on their knee. Fusion overcomes these problems with an iOS integrated all-in-one convenient solution at an accessible price.

Disrupting an established industry required a concerted effort. Early on, Fusion assembled a local team of product design engineers, industrial designers, electronics designers, brand and graphic designers, web designers, photographers and videographers, to ensure a world-class customer experience from discovery, to order placing, unboxing and playing.


User Experience

Fusion guitars has redefined the electric guitar without alienating traditional guitarists. The Fusion features a full scale timber neck and fretboard, for a traditional feel. It can even be plugged into a regular amp for use as a stage guitar, or plugged into headphones for privacy. Fusion aims to enhance the electric guitar, not replace it.

“… it\’s totally awesome – it plays really well and sounds amazing. I\’ve probably played more guitar in the last three days than I\’ve played in the last year, because it\’s been so hard to put the thing down.”
– Nigel Watson, crowdfunding backer

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