Furniture Design for Kids having Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)


  • Project during Under Graduation(2019)


Buddying Buddy is a study table for kids having Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). It is designed to create a positive workplace for a kid to study understanding his unique requirements. It helps to increase the seating tolerance of a kid in the class. This furniture keeps him engaged. Various insights were gathered after the field research. The ideation process resulted in incorporating elements and features which were added to the design that would benefit the kid’s needs. The product was validated using a user testing process with kids to check the anthropometry, comfort & all the engaging features of the product.

Key Features


The furniture needed in these schools of kids having ADHD had to be playful and the kid had to be satisfied with the furniture that he sat on for studying. The combination of unique features makes it an innovative product.


ADHD is a disorder which cannot be cured, but the experience can be made better. Kids having this disorder benefit with such products since their behaviour is directly related to the products they engage with. This product helps the user to control his actions and even benefits the teacher and other students in the classroom. The student remains engaged and does not disturb the other kids, teachers, and caretakers in class


Victoria’s design and creative culture always promote design for humans and human-centric design. Budding buddy is a design which keeps the user and their needs in the centre. It also comes under Design for social innovation, wherein I have designed for schools struggling to give a solution to children with ADHD. It caters good conditions for living, studying and working in the Victorian culture and this product fits correctly in the Victorian design culture.


The product is designed to cater to the kid’s behavioural aspects at school. The kid gets to be self-satisfied in his workplace where he is allowed to fidget while studying. This also benefits the teachers and caretakers hence adding value to learning with fun. The key features enhance the learning experience of the student. The product helps the student to increase his seating tolerance, exert his energy while sitting and stay calm.


The ideation process resulted in incorporating elements and features which were added to the design that would benefit the kids from having this special disorder with their special needs. The features like the swinging swing helped the kid to have movement while he sat on the study table. The rolling leg rest prevented the kid from tapping his feet on the floor and disturbing others. The worry stone effect sculpted on the desk helped the kid to calm down when he moved his hand on the texture. The study table also has space for hanging the bag, water bottle and cavity for his stationery on the desk. The colour scheme selected was playful yet calming for the hyperactive kid.

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