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The (f)route POD is a semi-permanent structure, hand-crafted in Melbourne from sustainable materials and techniques.

Australians love camping as a means to connect with nature. (f)route pod is designed to make this experience memorable by adding comfort and grace, which is also termed as glamping. The curved organic shape of the pod is inspired from eucalyptus pods. It is a semi-permanent structure, designed for multiple uses – accommodation, glamping, studio space, meditation room, backyard gazebo or wedding pavilion.

The pod was the winner in the ‘Campster Design Competition’ and a prototype was made in Feb 2015.

Key Features


Wow factor
One of the competition briefs was for the pod to have wow factor, apart from meeting a range of practical requirements. The idea was to create a design that achieved this not only through the form but also through the selection of materials and construction technique. The resulting outcome is a design that is organic, simple and beautiful.

The pod looks beautiful during the day but truly comes to life at night with internal lighting. It becomes a beacon of light in the dark night sky and provides a truly surreal experience for the occupants.


Connection with nature
The pod allows its user to experience the natural environment and be one with nature. The broad-based form of the pod anchors firmly onto the earth, while its three open-able flaps connect the outside and the inside.

In summer months, the feature of opening the flaps while leaving the fly-screen closed, allows the users to experience semi-open sleeping. The interior, which can comfortably accommodate a double bed, is perfect for laying and gazing into the night sky via side windows or the skylight. The raised timber floor and the deck expand the pod’s interior.


Easy to transport and set-up
The pod is designed to create a balance between permanence and portability. It sits in-between being a temporary tent and a permanent house. The pod is made of modular components which include 8 bamboo ribs, 14 wooden pallets and canvas making it easy to pack and transport. With assembly time of one hour, it is extremely easy to set-up and dismantle the pod by two people.


Sustainability is at the core of the pod\’s design. It is designed with passive design principles in mind, with lift-top skylight to allow hot air to escape while providing protection from rain. Large operable awning flaps and skylight ensures there is enough natural light and ventilation.

Bamboo, which forms pod\’s primary structural material, is a renewable and low-impact material. S-shaped ribs are made from hand-laminated bamboo strips that are heat bent and connected with bolts removing the need for toxic glues. Recycled pallets are used to form the pod’s raised floor and canvas is used for protection from the elements.

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