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The periphery, the edge of the city, the location of the Town named Bulla contains its unique property, as the city of Melbourne’s next expansion, what’s the role of this town and what’s the function it should provide based on its Periphery property of the city? The three periphery architecture, the factory, defines the edge of the outer suburb, the petrol station, defines the edge of the road and the cemetery defines the edge of the city (inner suburb).

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The architecture proposition is to proposing an architecture which connecting the highway and the architecture closer, to face this inevitable expansion of Melbourne city, instead of trying to define the periphery of the city, the idea is looking in to how can the proposal acting as a new type of architecture but also a start for the next wave of urban expansion.


The idea that combining the cemetery and the factory
was due to the two programs with two dramatically
different ends, one with heavy material level, with
efficiency and production takes the big part, where
products means everything, and another end, the
cemetery, where spiritual level takes the biggest part,
activities like pray, funeral, reflection taking place in the
cemetery, where on material level, it is nothing but a
storage for human’s body and remains.


Through the design process, putting these two programs together has been asked multiple times, these two places are very different, one in common was, these two places were not designed for people, cemetery designed mainly for dead people, and the factory designed for the machine, so the idea for this final round is to centralise the function for the civil, which is the office of the factory and the reflection place with chapel for the cemetery, upon concentrated these three spaces, the common thing about them is that they are all spaces that people tend to making decisions, the chapel is the place where people are announced dead, the reflection place designed for people to decide what to do next, and the office in the factory is for people sending machine the commands to execute them.


With the expanding population, which directly causing the expansion of the city and the increasing needs of more rapidly and more efficient transportation, the design fused the highway which acting as the main infrastructure of transportation, and the factory, which acting as one key element for supply to the city, together as a new type of architecture. The periphery architecture in this scenario acting not only by the fusion of the definition, but what the Melbourne city really needs in the future when its mobility mainly dominating by vehicles.

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