Freefold Stool


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Made from 100% recyclable cardboard, the Freefold stool is a modular shape that can form limitless configurations. Double corrugations and multiple folds make it durable and sturdy; integrated handles make it easy to carry. The stool comes as three identical flat-pack pieces and takes less than two minutes to pop up or pack down. Large flat surfaces are ideal for printing with corporate branding or colouring by crafty kids. Manufactured from post-consumer waste paper and sustainably-managed plantation wood fibre, it is light – on the wallet and the planet.

Key Features


Intelligent engineering
In the corporate event industry, where functional and promotional structures need to be mobile and transportable, cardboard is an ideal but under-utilised solution. In the architecture and interior design sector the transient nature of many commercial and retail interior fitouts make it unsustainable to use high density materials that are problematic to recycle. Cardboard is a light-weight material that, when engineered intelligently, can be extremely strong. The infrastructure to recycle cardboard already exists allowing this product to meet the challenge for contemporary design to be sustainable.


Up-cycling / smart-cycling
Cardboard utilises local waste. 100% recyclable, it is manufactured from approximately 70% Australian post-consumer waste paper and 30% sustainably-managed Australian plantation wood fibre. It is economical to transport because it is un-foldable and light. At the end of it\’s useful life (it should remain structurally sound for many years) you can put it in an ordinary recycling bin, safe in the knowledge that it will definitely be recycled.


Integrated economy of scale
The stool is designed with mass-production in mind. Each stool is comprised of three identical pieces, and therefore the manufacturer\’s cutting tool (or forme) is economically sized and can reach a minimum production run more quickly.

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