Free the Fruit


  • Boost Juice
  • Millipede


We wanted to create a new way to engage with our core audience, outside our current platforms (social media, retail stores etc). The goal was simple, to create a game that embodied the brand & engaged our core consumer audience.
• Increase transactions
• Increase frequency of customers
• Introduce customers to try new drinks

The 8-week campaign was a success:
• 56,000,000 minutes of gameplay,173 mins per-user
• 11.5% of transactions
• +5% Transactions comps on 12 months
• +6% Sales comps on 12 months
• Customers introduced to new drinks with specific drink coupons

Key Features


Fun & Cheeky Design
We created a concept that was fun and fictional but still bought the brand assets to life (including Janine our founder as a fruit-napper.) The game is cheeky in nature and asks of users to help Mango-Man free the fruit from Boost Juice stores around Australia. Along the way Mango-Man meets fruit-nappers like Ally Berry Bang (the Boostie) who try to stop him from rescuing the fruit Boost needs to make the smoothies.


Keeping Users Engaged Through Not Over-Branding
For success the game had to stand on its own and did not feel like marketing. Other brands in the wellness category focus on the health & nutritional value of their drinks. Our approach was different. By creating a concept that was fun but still brought the brand assets to life we could give players an experience that would feel natural and not too branded, hence holding their attention for longer periods of time.
Traditional ATL media captures the consumer’s attention for 30 seconds, but our average player engaged for 173 minutes.


The Fruity Plot Twist
After rescuing a minimum number of fruit players were asked to make the moral decision of keeping the rescued fruit or blending them to a horrible death for a free prize. This juxtaposed design on the narrative of the game made the users kill the very fruit they were just playing hours to save. This was further exaggerated through a cartoon gore blend scene and a horrified look from Mango man when you returned to the home screen.

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