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Arnie is a public access water filtration device which removes harmful toxins and poisons, the most harmful being Arsenic. Research and past cases have proven that long term consumption of water containing high levels of Arsenic is a cause of cancer, heart diseases and severe skin problems. Targeted towards citizens of Bangladesh where some major areas lack safe water and improved sanitation, Arnie is a progression to the livelihood and well-being of Bangladeshis.

Key Features


With most of the nation relying on well water, Arnie implements the “SONO” Filtration System designed by native Bangladeshi Abdul Hussam in 2006. Currently available only as a household filter, “SONO” is limited to the people who have access to the solution privately. Arnie is an incorporation of the original well infrastructure dating back to the 80’s, and the filtration system. This results in the release of safe drinking water directly to the broader public.


In Bangladesh, its a common issue that their underground water contaminated with Arsenic. This issue has been around for decades and its not only effecting their health but also resulting into social discrimination. Some local have been isolating families and individuals who have health issue due to arsenic contamination. The purpose of this product is to reduce this contamination by giving equal chance to every local resident to own this product that could improve their health hazards. Theres 3 main goals this product is designed to be; user-friendly, easily maintain, and sustainable.


I believe if this product can be noticeable widely, or even brought to life. It could encourage people (the general public or even other designers) to design more products that are driven to make a better world for everyone. Honestly, ever since I lived in Melbourne, I have never seen any other city that inspires me more than Victoria. I have lived and travelled around the world and living in Melbourne is actually the key for me to design this product. People of Victoria especially Melbourne are very aware and care about social, culture, and sustainability. Little did people know, Victoria has so many emerging designers that have designed incredible life changing products. That’s why I was motivated to design Arnie. I truly believe if Victoria keeps having emerging designers this will let Victorian designers be recognised as a leading “good design” designers.


The public water filtration I designed is reusing and merging the existing infrastructure instead of replacing it completely. With this approach the product can be more affordable and easier to install by individuals. Most of the product and infrastructure I have seen to help third world country usually need professional to instal and maintain them. Thats why with \”Arnie\” I have approached differently to solve the issue of expensive infrastructure and maintenance issue in the future. The water filtration is design to be human powered, user friendly and easily maintain.

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