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FrancoCrea™ designs furniture for residential & commercial applications in both exterior & interior settings, covering residential, hospitality & corporate.

Whilst the FrancoCrea™ brand has established itself within the Australian furniture design marketplace (having showrooms in Melbourne and Adelaide), the previous website solution did not portray the business adequately in terms of both brand positioning and product presentation.

Accordingly a new website solution was required to properly represent the brand, and provide a significantly improved user experience around showcasing Product collections and specifications, as well as promoting key Case Studies and the Custom design services offered by FrancoCrea™.

Key Features


Our focus was to create a website solution that positions FrancoCrea™ in the marketplace and showcases his premium quality furniture products.

Our solution for the website’s user interface was a clean, minimalist design language that embraces photographs and typography and brings the furniture designs to the forefront.

The design direction, combined with extensive and carefully selected imagery that is able to highlight the unique style of his furniture, including specific cropping and macro views of the build quality of FrancoCrea™ products, successfully highlights the premium nature of the furniture, which in turn perfectly positions the brand in the marketplace.


The design solution heavily focuses on positioning the FrancoCrea™ brand in the marketplace, ensuring the user experience portrays FrancoCrea™ products as modern and forward thinking, yet highly functional solutions at a premium manufacturing level.

Further to this, the solution was designed to appeal to both residential consumer and design industry clientele (architects and interior designers).

The enhanced design presentation has resulted in substantially increased website visitation, as well as receiving significant positive feedback from industry clientele, with the general consensus being the new website now clearly portrays the style and quality of furniture.


The website developed a clear style guide for product presentation, which is now being utilised across all marketing endeavours. This includes detailed training of FrancoCrea™ staff in website maintenance, which included delivery of detailed brand web templates ensuring a consistent display of content throughout the website.

Associated Google Remarketing campaigns via branded display ads have also been implemented delivering targeted visual ad placement campaigns that closely follow the new website brand styling.

The end result is now a clear brand and marketing presentation style guide, all of which originates and is driven by the design of the new website solution.


With the design solution focussing on a clean, minimalist design language, the following aspects were created to provide an engaging user experience:

1. The UI design encompasses a flexible rich media grid display that seamlessly integrates and allows full product views, as well as detailed close-up views highlighting build quality and unique design elements.

2. The new website incorporates a product filtering function that easily communicates the different application uses, solving a previous issue where customers were not immediately aware of the different application uses FrancoCrea™ products can serve, e.g. table designs can apply to residential dining and corporate boardroom tables.


The website provides detailed information on the FrancoCrea™ product collection, incorporating information pertinent to both residential consumer and design industry based clientele.

Accordingly the website is equipped with extensive imagery, background information, technical and material specifications for all products.

A detailed Case Study section highlights the custom design service offered by FrancoCrea™, incorporating detailed overviews of extensive bespoke design commissions for residential, hospitality & corporate clients.

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