Formulite – Brand Development and Design


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BEAM was tasked to re-assess the new brand of Formulite. Seeing that it had product ready to market, but was wrong in design intended for its for audience. Beam re-assessed its market, who its marketing too, developed some key messages and re-desgined the packaging to better appeal and resonate to their desired audience. This also then extended to the design and build of their e-commerce website, social media communications, e-news, print marketing. The ensure that they had a consistent brand theme, style, appeal, and key messages through out.

Key Features


New packaging design for the tubs/bottles. Designed to stand out against other meal replacements in the market. Appear more premium than other brands.

The meal replacement market is quite flooded, so we assessed the competition, their brand identities, market positioning, key messages etc.

The product itself had some more benefits than other brands in the market such as low sugar and low carb. This also had to be communicated as a point of difference. We came up with the tagline \”A Healthier Choice!\”


New website design & build.
We designed a new website based on the brand that also reflected the brand\’s perception and messaging. But also, made it an easy to purchase e-commerce system, Seeing that this was the only way a consumer could purchase this product and it\’s ranges.


Digital marketing & comms.
Creating & developing digital content for their social & e-news – to feature news, tips, how to\’s. Build on the health resource brand perception.
Monthly content would be developed in advance to feature on multiple digital channels. Such as social media (Facebook, Instagram), as well as E-news and other PR channels/


Formulite recipe books.
These were designed to be inline with the brand, but to be utilised by their brand followers so that could use helpful healthy recipes along with their shakes. So that also the brand could be perceived as health benefit in our busy daily lives

Promotional & stationery. Banners, cards, brochures, T-shirts we also created for brand promotion for trade shows & seminars

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