Forest Hill – Secret Forest


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Our design brief was to create a new destination in a shopping centre environment to attract new families and reinvigorate existing. In a prickly market between acceptance of digital and varying parenting opinions, the challenge was to create a space that embedded digital into the physical to appeal to a broad range of families and children.

The Secret Forest: an immersive indoor play space designed to be the centrepiece of a dining area in Forest Hill Shopping Centre. From a talking bear to an interactive tree, this space is designed to engage a broad range of children’s interests and skill levels.

Key Features


We created a Magical Forest for the kids of Forest Hill. Integrating digital and physical play, from a slide that lights up with touch to stairs that play music – creating a magical beacon for the local growing family community. We designed a Play Space that is stunning, smart and evolves (ability to change content, sounds and light) our space can evolve and grow, thus, creating a space that has enough “change” to keep it alive and fresh. Our interactive Library of Games means during the day Games can appeal to younger pre-school kids, vs the older after school audience.


We created a destination. Tackling the ongoing challenge of the shopping centres purpose to the consumer. Empowering kids to discover, learn and interact with one another. We ensured active spaces that utilised children’s fine and gross motor skills and focussed on imaginative and sensory play, so kids of all ages and abilities can play – a frequent problem in shared communal play. Flooring encourages active play and safe traffic flow, with natural pathways linking products. The forest theme continues into social touchscreen gaming, with customised incidental learning puzzles, augmented reality and musical composition adding to the sense of inclusion for all.


Play9 Games: We have created a library of games, which appeal to varying age groups, skill-sets, solo vs group play and interests. This enables the playspace to cater to various age-groups and different times of day, this also extends to seasonal content such as “Christmas”. Platform: The entire playspace is all controllable and connected by our backend system called IM: This allows clients to change/schedule different games, control sound and lighting – and also access live user analytics, allowing Forest Hill to learn about their space – least popular/most popular time/day etc.

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