For My Pangolin – Zine


  • Katarina Kopecka
  • Swinburne University of Technology


The story of love and friendship is changing is characteristics. For more and more people, it is a story of a person and their phone. This zine aims to get people to look up from their phones to experience the moments with their loved ones. The illustrations were created by joining hand-drawn illustration and computer graphics, and the A6 zine can be unfolded into an A3 poster. The text was designed to confuse the reader a little – to let them figure out the issue themselves, so the whole message resonates a little more.

Key Features


The design theme is \’pangolin\’ as a metaphor for someone leaning over their phone. Every element in the illustration followed; the positions the characters are in through the story, the scale-like brown jumper, the small elements like pillows and backgrounds. The design creates a love story with a sad twist at the end when the reader realises that the love in the story is in between a person and their phone. The zine should provide entertainment with an educational element and can serve as a non-aggressive way to ask your loved one for more attention or better social manners.


The zine is designed as a small paper book which may be gifted and so it should be kept. The last part of the story is featured after unfolding the zine into an A3 poster that can be displayed at home. The poster design featuring the man and his phone in form of a yin-yang symbol works as a decoration and as a reminder of the void we experience without true relationships.


This piece also shows the impact good design can make if we give it the right message and personality. Design is not only about being ‘pretty’, but it is an important communication element in shaping society.


With the advance of technology, people are starting to lose their communication skills as the majority of our interactions transfers to the digital world. The zine reminding a smartphone in its size and colour is something like a bridge back through to reality and in-person relationships. This is becoming more and more important in current situations with the COVID-19 and lockdowns in Victoria.
With the potential to educate and change people\’s social behaviours, this small zine could have an impact on peoples\’ social skills and the quality of their relationships.


Winner of Honorable Mention, DNA Paris Awards 2020.

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