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Comprising three books, available individually or as a set, Footpath Guides focus on the architectural elements of Melbourne, showcasing notable examples of a featured style or era. Representing architecture spanning the last 150 years the guides enable urban explorers to discover the city’s rich built environment via clearly marked routes. Melbourne Mid-Century covers commercial buildings in the CBD from 1950-1970; The Joseph Reed edition exposes the prolific work of one of the 19th century’s most renowned architects from 1850-1890; The St Kilda book further cements this eclectic suburb as one of Melbourne’s most intriguing.

Key Features


Designed in a bold contemporary style, each book utilises clear line drawings and concise accompanying text to describe each featured building. Relevant architectural histories are included in each edition as well as select architect’s biographies, historical timelines and glossaries. The route maps are clearly marked and designed to enable a comfortable and interesting walking experience. The writing is informative and entertaining, striking a good balance that will satisfy both casual architectural enthusiasts and experts alike.
The strong graphic appearance of the books, which sets them apart from the usual glossy photo fare, reflects the vibrant design culture of Melbourne.

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