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The fold series is a lighting range designed for both commercial & residential applications for Sphera Lighting.

A tapering silhouette appearing to melt into its surroundings, minimal in its aesthetic.
Minimal intervention to the material to give a form to house the linear light reflecting the architecture and the space around it. Fabricated from offcuts of 1.6mm & finished in super-matt ace black. Fold is available as a linear pendant, wall & floor light.

Key Features


Sphera’s brief was to make use of a tubular luminaire – the Maestro & designing a range including a floor, wall and pendant light.

Minimal in its aesthetic – the Fold lights are a sculptural form.
Customisable in their colour coating, Fold was designed with the intent of being able to adapt & fit into various spaces & formats. Creating an intimate ambience through its soft glow.

The design was informed by the client’s budget & available resources, in particular, a steel fabricator that they work closely with to fabricate other lights.


Fold uses the least amount of material possible & has minimal impact through its construction. Steel provides light fitting from a durable material. Use of one piece of steel that is folded to achieve the form with minimal fittings for the Maestro light tube. Manufactured locally, meaning lead times are efficient & we are supporting local business.


Fold contributes to the reputation and status of Victoria’s design & creative culture through creating a design piece whilst providing exceptional quality in the process. It creates a market for lighting to preform as sculptural elements in our homes, studios & offices as well as providing a different type of ambience.

Fold pendant, wall & floor lights give the user the flexibility to be used in a range of positions throughout space.
The ability to customise these lights gives it the versatility in different settings & more reason to invest in such a product, as other designers/clients/customers.


The innovation of the design for Fold was through the use of materiality – using offcuts of steel from fabrication process.

A piece of offcut steel, is cut & folded to achieve the forms – including the base for the floor light to stand; two pieces of steel folded outwards.

Using minimal fixing points on the inner skin for the Maestro light meant that the light profile would maintain its sleek aesthetic.

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