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Focus Quiet Work Room is an intricately crafted soundproof booth developed through years of experience and research. Combining the finest of materials, expert craftsmanship, the ability to customise completely, and meticulous consideration of soundproofing, this booth creates a place of uninterrupted focus and privacy for solo work within the workplace.

Key Features


Focus Quiet Room is an expertly engineered soundproof booth that provides a quiet refuge, a place of grounding where employees can concentrate without interruption. Distracting and intrusive noise can lead to poor concentration and, as a result, is a costly problem for businesses today. Research suggests that office workers lose over an hour per day due to uncontrolled interruptions. Focus Quiet Rooms create a place of solace from the bustling surrounding environment – a place where concentration can occur without distraction.


The Focus Quiet Room was an ambitious project with a number of design challenges that we had to overcome. Primarily, achieve an outstanding acoustic rating.

The Focus Quiet Work Room aims for an exemplary acoustic rating of Rw37, with its insulated ceiling and walls. Thick, 10.38mm laminated glass allows the booth to retain a transparent wall or door that is strong, dense and soundproof. In addition, all components are joined with high-performance acoustic seals, while an automatic drop seal at the base of the door and a lever door handle mortise lock ensure the unit remains soundproof.


Our unique offering on the Focus Quiet Room is the ability to completely customize, a design element that really divides us from our competition. Unlike other products on the market, the Focus Quiet Room allows you to develop a unique design to fit your brand / interior aesthetic utilising Schiavello’s wide range of fabric and leather upholstery options, in addition to hard finishes, including laminate or veneer.


We were ambitious when it came to sustainability with the Focus Quiet Room. Our approach was to source local, Australian made materials which is evident in the internal construction and external cladding of the walls which is sustainably forested timber. We have also strived to obtain several environmental certifications including the new to Australia DECLARE certification which ensures a use of healthy, non-toxic materials.

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