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“fluoro not only celebrates diverse creativity, it encourages a deep thought, evoking emotion through a unique collection of content.” Nancy Bugeja, Editor-In-Chief.

fluoro is an online publication that was designed to bring the unique aspects of the award-winning fluoro magazine online, accessible at Characterised by an emphasis on design and images, fluoro allows viewing in a high-quality format. The design of the site allows its content to speak.

fluoro is updated daily with content that is created or sourced by their creative team and global contributors. The result is a distinct collection of works, images and text accessible online.

Key Features


HM. is the creative team behind fluoro and is an award-winning full-service agency working in design and marketing, across print and digital.

Nancy Bugeja and Miguel Valenzuela founded the Melbourne-based agency in 1996. HM. produces award-winning design, campaigns, products, and brand and marketing strategies to a range of clients, globally.

Surviving two recessions; substantial changes in the print and paper industries; and a transformation in the way people communicate, design in the 21st century is seen by HM. as beyond 2D formats. The agency has contributed to raising the profile of the Melbourne design industry on a global scale.


The process began to bring the unique aspects of the award-winning fluoro magazine online to cope with its demand and reflect changes to the media landscape. fluoro needed to be presented as a creative place which evokes emotion and encourages a deeper thought through a distinct collection of works, images and text.

fluoro was designed to allow a high level of flexibility, which in turn has enhanced the way users digest and interact with fluoro’s content.


The redesign of fluoro and bringing the print publication online has allowed fluoro to engage as a global outlet from its Melbourne base.

Facilitating high-end visuals and exclusive articles to be shared across fluoro’s platforms, the redesign has allowed the outlet to feature a broad range of content on a diverse scale. From covering Paris Fashion Week in France to interviewing street artists in the depths of Bogotá, Colombia, design is central to the content on fluoro and the design of the website celebrates this.

fluoro is a vessel that keeps the spirit of the creative community connected.


fluoro’s unique design and navigation allows the viewer to immerse themselves in its content.

Research in the development stage drew together a team of designers, web developers, marketers and the editorial team to explore the way a users navigates a website. The process revealed a users’ need to either ‘search directly for what they want’ or to ‘explore and be inspired’.

A multilayered navigational system was implemented, giving the user complete control. Comprised of tags, a keyword search, country and brand lists and a suite of symbols that visually represent fluoro’s content categories, users are able to navigate fluoro with ease.


Reflecting fluoro’s history as a print magazine, at the core of the fluoro team is a passion for print. Just as fluoro was known for visual appeal and print innovation in its magazine format, the new platform allows for experimentation in design and presents appealing imagery in abundance.

fluoro takes a predominantly visual focus, which carries some of the flexibility of print design onto the web. This is seen through fluoro’s multiple layout options, high level of design flexibility and the inclusion of subtle print design elements such as overlays and columns.

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