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Florence is an interactive mobile title about love and life.
Florence Yeoh, the titular character, is stuck in a mundane life. Through a series of events, Florence meets Krish, and the story follows their budding romance.
Designed with touch devices in mind, Florence explores the intimacy of relationships through interactive elements intertwined with an emotive narrative.

Key Features


Mobile phones are an ubiquitous part of life, and Florence utilises the familiarity and methods by which we use these devices to strengthen the design elements.
By intertwining interactive design with bespoke hand drawn images, Florence strengthens the emotional beats of a story about love and life, fostering a greater sense of intimacy between the player and the narrative.
With minimal text or language allowing the player to pull from their own experiences the immersion of the experience is heightened.
Puzzle elements were designed with accessibility in mind, allowing a wide range of people to enjoy the experience.


Florence has connected with an audience on many levels. Whilst personal, Florence tells a universal story of a romantic relationship.
The accessibility in design has encouraged people who do not necessarily play games to enjoy the interactive experience.
The representation of a multiracial romance has allowed people to see themselves in Florence and Krish and connect on a deeper level with the characters.


Bringing various elements from graphic novels to film together, Florence pulls from a wide variety of influences to challenge preconceptions of what games and interactive media are capable of achieving.

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