Florence Street


  • Nest Architects
  • TGM Engineers
  • Jim Russell builders
  • Naturelinks Landscape Management Pty Ltd


Located in the north-facing backyard of a family home in Coburg, this project was an opportunity for Nest Architects’ to put its philosophy to the test – achieving the ‘Australian Dream’ and applying seemingly contrary requirements such as affordability and sustainability.

The house is unassuming; but demonstrates the capacity of a small space to become a functioning and generous home. The 4-room dwelling provides a warm setting in which the intimacy of daily life unravels. It has required creativity and problem solving, yet demonstrated that design, dreams, sustainability and affordability can work together to create a beautiful home.

Key Features


Providing insulation and thermal regulation to the internal spaces negates any need for air-conditioning during summer and dramatically reduces winter gas bills.

The avoidance of joinery was approached not only as a move to be sustainable and keep within budget, but was also a preference for openness.

Redeveloping an unused backyard to become a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable alternative to densification.

The green roof, supported by FSC certified timber rafters, provides further insulation and thermal regulation to the internal spaces.

This is the first house in Victoria whose structural timber is entirely Forestry Stewardship Council-certified.

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