Floating Worlds


  • Justin Dwyer
  • GloWorm
  • Robert Jarvis
  • Andrea Rassell


Floating Worlds is an interactive digital artwork. It presents messages that children ask of visiting aliens, projecting the recorded messages on helium and smoke filled bubbles.

As a multidisciplinary design the installation required the development of a custom-built helium-smoke bubble machine, using infrared sensors in purpose built housings, and bespoke motion-tracking software.

Workshops to prepare the projected content were undertaken, and a deep level of data organisation was required to track and project on the large scale bubbles.

Floating Worlds is a design showcase for an AudioVisual business looking to grow through innovation.

Key Features


Key Design Features:

A unique bubble system, the only one of its kind able to produce large smoke and helium filled bubbles on demand.
Custom software developed for tracking bubbles in darkness using infra red technology. This garnered direct interest from NASA artists.

Custom calibration system and projector housings to track bubbles in 3 Dimensional space.


Floating Worlds illuminates the thoughts of children regarding species other than their own.

Children’s questions may inspire adults to examine their own beliefs and actions.

A cross disciplinary design such as this shows depth of knowledge across many practical and technical design criteria.

Youtube / Vimeo

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