Flo-Smart Automated Beverage Solution


  • Conal Hartnett
  • Matthew Dale


Flo-Smart is the world’s first fully automated hands-free, 4-pour chilled line milk system, designed and manufactured locally in Melbourne.

In today’s café market, milk varieties have become extremely popular and Flo-Smart is aiming to revolutionise the way milks are stored, pumped and dispensed in cafes, restaurants, hotels and other hospitality and catering venues.

The Flo-Smart has unique capabilities centred around a design brief to dispense the exact amount of milk every single time, improving quality, speed, efficiency, and importantly reducing waste as well as cost.

Key Features


Flo-Smart has been developed through a partnership between two Melbourne based companies, that when combined, have over 90 years of experience in the manufacturing, engineering and supply of products and services to the beverage sector.

Flo-Smart encompasses state of the art aesthetics, along with the ergonomics required to assist staff in a busy café or hospitality environment; this mix of design and engineering, brings a best in class experience for both the operator and the customer.


The Flo-Smart design, allows milks to be stored remotely, making available valuable space at the POS; the system is fully, software configurable, ensuring consistent quality of coffee every single time, as the milk is delivered to the point of steaming, at a consistent chilled temperature.

Speed and efficiency of delivery to the customer is improved, as there is simply no milk pouring required every order. Using the Flo-Smart dispenser reduces OH&S concerns as manual and repetitive pouring and lifting of milk is significantly reduced.

The design also includes a semi-automated step-by-step process to ensure cleaning of the system exceeds regulations.


Flo-Smart’s design, is centred on the capacity to dispense up to 4 different types of milk, chilled to one location.

The jug size is automatically detected, and is filled to the pre-set value, without any operator intervention. This remote storage of beverages, being pumped to the POS, is a first in the hospitality industry.

The Flo-Smart design team had a strong environmental remit, aiming to reduce waste in the industry, as the exact amount of liquid is dispensed every time.

When this delivery efficiency is combined with “bulk milk storage” solutions, the reduction in plastic milk containers is indeed material.

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