Flinders Quarter Winter Art Walk


  • CYP-DC Joint Venture
  • Rail Projects Victoria
  • Fides & Associates
  • Prince & Mercer
  • Isobel Knowles


The Metro Tunnel Project is committed to supporting Melbourne’s CBD businesses during construction of Victoria’s largest public transport project.

In 2019 the Metro Tunnel Project, created Melbourne’s inaugural Augmented Winter Art Walk to generate patronage at local businesses by attracting Victorians and visitors to Flinders Quarter.

For 11 weeks, the public was able to interact with art in a new, accessible and engaging way.

By downloading a free augmented reality app on their smart phone/devices, visitors were able to take a self-guided tour using a custom designed map to watch 14 artworks come to life with movement and sound.

Key Features


14 artworks were curated into a large-scale indoor/outdoor, interactive, public art exhibition. The artworks, new and old, were animated using virtual reality technology. Chloe, the famed nude portrait at Young and Jackson’s, had images of love letters from soldiers’ floating.

Customised Flinders Quarter map/brochure:

Designed by Flinders Quarter based artist, Isobel Knowles, the map guided the public through Flinders Quarter, highlighting the artworks, places of interests, shops and cafes.

More than 20,000 copies of the brochure were distributed to local businesses. Folding out from A6 to A3, the double sided, full colour brochure included custom illustrations.


The purpose was to create an enjoyable event that increased trade for local businesses and created long term customers during construction.
Visitor statistics:
• 89% experience good to excellent
• 95% encouraged them to visit
• 89% recommended to others

EyeJack App:
• Total sessions: 22,937
• Total unique users: 2,558
• Android: 8,298 sessions | 769 unique users
• iPhones: 14,639 sessions | 1,789 unique users

Social Media:
• Follower growth rate: Instagram 76% | Facebook 33%
• Combined social media (Time Out Instagram & Facebook): Posts showed up 135,000 times in viewer feeds (impressions), 72K potential unique viewers (reach)
• 2,190 likes, comments, shares, clicks (engagement)


The Winter Art Walk transformed Flinders Quarter from a precinct best known for its laneways and outdoor dining offer to an outdoor gallery with a rich history to explore and an exciting future to be a part of.

The event saw the ongoing development/transformation of the Flinders Quarter brand through the creation of the Flinders Quarter map and logo elevation refinement. Both design elements point to a more modern understanding of the precinct and what he has to offer to the public.


EyeJack is an augmented reality app that specialises in the curation and distribution of augmented art (animation and sound) to create experiences like no other.

Using EyeJack visitors moved from being passive participants of the Winter Art Walk to actively engaging and interacting with the art.

Visitors were able to download the app via a decal with a QR code that was placed at each of the artwork sites which prompted/launched of the EyeJack app on their device.

Visitors were then able to view the augmented artwork through their devices, take a photo and instantly share on their social applications.


The event also provided opportunities for businesses to participate by either hosting one of the art pieces within their business and/or develop and promote special offers in conjunction with the Winter Art Walk program. These offers were promoted via the businesses own social media platforms and the Flinders Quarter Instagram and Facebook accounts.

By encouraging Victorians and visitors to fully discover a part of Melbourne they may not have visited, or not for some time, the event successfully created connection with the precinct and its businesses.

It delivered an outstanding community experience as construction continues on Melbourne’s new underground stations.

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