Fitfix Juice Packaging


  • Ng Sheng Yong


I was tasked with creating an entire organic juice brand that appealed to the health-conscious, no-nonsense and fast-paced crowd.

With this in mind, I came up with Fitfix – a play on the phrase “get your fix”, giving customers the idea of a fast, simple and necessary solution for their daily health needs. No frills, no fanfare – just good, healthy juice.

Key Features


I applied this concept to create a packaging design reminiscent of pill bottles, alluding to the juice’s healing properties.

The minimal, structured grid brings across the straightforward nature of the brand, while the monochromatic palette serves as a contrast to the colour and freshness of the juice.

The logo follows this simple style, with the T and X from the name forming a cross-section of a fruit.


The packaging also includes a system that allows complete customisability for customers to create their own juice.

A grid of icons showcase the ingredients available and can be circled according to their selection.

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