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Fingerprint Me is Australia’s first Youth Employment Academy.

Fingerprint Me empowers young Australians to become more employable and entrepreneurial through it’s unique, individualised career development program.

Key Features


Fingerprint Me needed something bold and distinctive, to stand out from government and educational providers, as well as appeal to young people, parents and institutions.

This groundbreaking organisation is on a mission to connect with young people and help them address the unique challenges facing Australian youth today. Butterfly’s concept for a bold, striking, full-screen responsive video featuring interviews with young people experiencing those exact issues, connects with our audience in an emotive and relatable way. The video introduces new visitors to the unique concept of a Youth Employment Academy by discussing the issues Fingerprint Me works to resolve.


PopQuiz- interactive homepage element

To help explain the variety of programs at Fingerprint Me, and directly appeal to these different audiences in a personal, interactive way, Butterfly came up with the idea of the pop quiz. Positioned on the homepage is a simple scenario, modelled on the audience’s potential purpose for the visit. These scenarios, written in the first person, invite the user to ask themselves – does that relate to my situation? Selecting “Me!” directs the user to the program that matches the question being asked. Selecting no brings up additional questions to help the user get a feel for what is on offer and find the program that is right for them.


Comprehensive online booking

Fingerprint Me’s registration, payments and ticket management are all handled through the website, with complete event management tools in-built.

Users can browse through classes by topic, time or location. A handy calendar feature displays all events across monthly, weekly and daily views.


Seamless animations

Our developers couldn’t help putting their own little spin on the site. Check out the gorgeous HTML5 animations throughout.

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