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Fingerprint Me is Australia’s first Youth Employment Academy.

As a ground-breaking new venture, the brand and identity had to be one of a kind, and bring to life the vibrancy and entrepreneurial spirit of the organisation.

Butterfly and Fearless developed the brand with the founders across multiple sessions, leading to the naming, positioning, essence and brand identity of Fingerprint Me.

Key Features


Fingerprint Me needed something bold and distinctive, to stand out from government and educational providers, as well as appeal to young people, parents and institutions.

The guiding principle of Fingerprint Me is the belief that each person is unique, like their fingerprint.

Research led us to explore a number of different visual & symbolic concepts, however the one that stood out projected a sense of direction and pathways. Inspired by geometric shapes and individuals travelling along their own unique path, we formed a network of lines based on the letters F and M and teamed it with a clean typeface.


A rare opportunity to develop a brand from the ground up gave us great scope to design something truly unique and the brand development process, led by Peter Sandor at Fearless, ensured the creative was grounded in research and a true understanding of the market and the brand.

The potential applications of the brandmark and 15 strong colour palette are endless, and are demonstrated throughout all the brand elements, including the fantastic facility. Some great examples are:

– The fabulous rainbow neon signage
– Gradient colour treatment for images and video, giving an “instagram-esque” feel to imagery
– Use of geometric angles on partitions and spaces
– Neon pink edged business cards
– Networked lines on print work and backgrounds, representing networks of business and employment connections


Our biggest challenge was creating enough intrigue and excitement to encourage newcomers to spend time understanding the nature of the organisation.

Secondly, creating a brand which has youth appeal and communicates professionalism, social enterprise, hope and vibrancy.

An absolute smash hit grand opening party, and kudos from all sectors connected with youth employment means Fingerprint Me is off to a flying start!

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