Fika – Helping Melbourne Reconnect With Melbourne


  • Will Smibert
  • Fraser Daniell


Fika is an mobile app inspired by the Swedish concept of wellbeing with the same name.

The concept of Fika promotes slowing down and appreciating the good things in life through daily break taking.

Fika the app makes this possible by showing users the nearest quality café or bar to take their break, while supplying vital information like walking time, opening hours and hyperlinked directions.

As Melbourne begins to open up again, Fika will help people open up with it.

Key Features


Fika is simple. It shows Melbournians the closest, quality places that are open.


Fika is inclusive. It\’s pro-community as it actively takes recommendations of suitable places to enjoy Fika.

It also employs inclusive design, like large font and dynamic AAA colour contrasts.

We hope it will help Melbourne reconnect with Melbourne


Fika aims to reduce visual clutter, decision fatigue and the need for research, which enables users to get off their phones and on their way to enjoying the wonders of fika quicker.


Fika caters to users in the present. It eliminates the need for research and limits choice by proximity and opening hours.

Fika is built for and by the community. Every place displayed by Fika is hand-curated by a local network of collaborators and served with necessary information through dynamic and friendly copy.

Everyone can participate.


Simply download and see for yourself. Available in the Apple Appstore and Google Play (Beta)

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