• Phoebe Rogers


Fempak is a kit tailored to female adventurers on their period. The organiser stores and segregates clean pads, tampons, and tissues, while also containing the used products in a compact and hygienic way. Intended for use on extended overnight adventures such as camping and hiking, Fempak is designed to minimise odor, require low effort, and above all else – be extremely secure.

Key Features


Before developing of Fempak’s shapes and proportions, interviews and surveys were conducted that reached 84 female-identifying users of sanitary items, diverse in age and interests. The research investigated the product preferences of the user, and how they currently store these menstrual products. The next step was to measure the volume required to fit enough pads, tampons, and clean tissues, while also managing disposal. Upon further user feedback, the shape went through multiple developments before a cylindrical form similar to a drink bottle gained the best feedback in regards to usability and appearance.


Having a period should not mean missing out.
Fempak breaks down the barriers concerning feminine hygiene and the great outdoors. Supplying women with a solution that encourages engagement and promotes inclusion. Enabling people to participate in these activities enhances both physical and emotional well being – no longer feeling like the outsider. The benefits of Fempak extend beyond the social aspect and also into environmental concerns. While adventuring, places to dispose of used products securely is limited. Storing waste within Fempak ensures that it cannot be tampered with by wildlife, or wind up in a water source.


The design is empathetic, innovative, environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and inclusive – The definitions of good Australian design.


Fempak would be the first organiser for adventurers that allows them to store their feminine hygiene products in a convenient, elegant, and clean way. The research findings concluded that when on their period adventurers currently use separate ziplock bags to organise their products, that is, if they decide to go at all – a clear indication of an unmet need. Releasing this product into the world sends a message that it’s normal and acceptable to have a period and that it should not be a barrier to participation for anyone.


Sustainability speaking, the design consists entirely of an aluminum body and 3 rubber gaskets (for a secure seal). At the end of the products life, the aluminium and rubber components are easily separated and both fully recyclable. Due to the body being aluminum, it is extremely durable and able to appropriately withstand the conditions of the great outdoors for an extended period of time.

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