Feather OLED Sconce


  • Giffin Design


OLED technology expressed through timeless design aesthetics. The world’s most human-friendly light source representing a higher quality of life. Soft, pleasant spectral distribution reducing glare, preventing eyestrain and providing light that is comfortable for the eyes – no glare, no heat. UV from artificial light sources have been fully utilized to our benefit, such as growing plants. However, UV is also the cause for wrinkles and also what attracts insects. OLEDs are completely UV free, adding another ‘human-friendly to their characteristics. The Feather OLED sconce utilizes the sustainable material, bamboo that absorbs high levels of carbon from the atmosphere.

Key Features


Environmentally sustainable materials and low power consumption.

Cost effective.

Aesthetically sound.

New and innovative.

Versatile for many applications. ie. domestic, commercial, public buildings etc.

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