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Over 18 months of research and development into a new reusable swim nappy. A one-size-fits-all from 3 months to 3 years old. Fully adjustable, exact measurements for snug fit means there is no leakage. Double gusset construction is engineered to contain solids, no other diaper needed.

Outer shell is waterproof Polyurethane Laminate (PUL). The inner lining 100% polyester has moisture wicking properties and is especially suitable for hot humid climates. The microstructure enables solids to peel away and not imbed in fabric, making clean-ups quick and easy. It is stain-resistant and quick drying reducing bacteria build-up.

Key Features


The appeal of this swim nappy is a sporty unisex design in plain colours. The high-quality fabrics allow for multiple years of wearing and the potential to hand-down to younger siblings. The outer-shell is latex free, food grade safe and fire retardant. We consulted with The Future Fibre Hub at Deakin University while in development phase and presented it to them for feedback and advice. Eco-friendly consumers are looking for reusable solutions and our swim nappy comes in a zip wet bag, thus reducing packaging and the need for a single use plastic bag when it’s wet.


Public pools regularly experience closures for cleaning due to “code brown”. This can see the swimming pool closed for hours, with loss of revenue for the centre. Disposable swim nappies are expensive, this is an economical solution for young families. The materials used are 100% polyester with no natural fibres present, for mechanical and chemical recycled as synthetic mono-fibre in a circular economy model. We are currently researching regenerated recycled nylon for the waterproof PUL outer shell. The use of reusable swim nappies greatly reduce non-biodegradable landfill and reduce the cost of waste management to local government.


It is well known that 80% of product design decision have direct impact to the environment. The swim nappy tick’s absolute all the boxes in a professionally designed and well executed end product, with end user and environment in mind. Additionally, Australia is internationally known for swimming, it’s beautiful beaches, ocean and natural habitat. Being Australian designed and trusted by parents, it is aligned with the values of respecting planet and people, re-designed for longevity and recovery in single source materials, to reduce plastic and non-bio landfill, and durable enough to reuse and regift with confidence.


A reliable swim nappy is in the interest of public health and safety, by reducing recreational water illnesses, including; Cryptosporidium, Norovirus, E.coli to name a few.
As a pattern maker working in children’s wear it was apparent that there was scope for improvement in what was currently available on the market. Engineering a double gusset, elasticated leg enclosures and snug Velcro waistband gives confidence in the water. For the parent the swim nappy is easy to put on and take off without having to pull faecal matter down little legs when removing a soiled swim nappy.

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