Fantibles: Capturing Cricket Fan’s Story in 3D


  • Exertion Games Lab, RMIT University, Australia
  • IBM Research, Australia


Sports fans are increasingly using social media platforms like Twitter to express emotions and share their opinions while watching sports on TV. These commentaries describe an intense subjective experience of a fan watching a sport passionately. We see an opportunity to attend to these nostalgic moments by capturing them into a physical form. We present, Fantibles, personalized sports memorabilia that highlights an individual’s commentary about sports on Twitter along with the uniqueness of each sports match. We believe our work opens up new interaction possibilities to support social sports viewing experience and design thinking for personalised sports memorabilia.

Key Features


We enrich TV sports viewing experience of sport by attending to passionate moments, as expressed by the fans in their twitter feed.


Fantibles offer a subjective understanding of the sports from the perspective of a sports fan. Additionally, the constructed artifact serves as a memorabilia, allowing individuals to show their passion and to reflect on their memory of the sporting event.


We illustrate an approach of representing two different sets of information together. Interlocking the two parts of Fantibles illustrates the correlation of user excitement with respect to the game in a novel tangible way.


By situating digital fabrication within the context of TV sports viewing experiences, this research also opens up an exciting new design space.

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