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Fairtrade ANZ came to us with the complex problem of redeveloping their Australia and New Zealand websites. Both existing websites had a similar structure which we decided to unite under one domain and redevelop one website for both regions. Key requirements identified for this project were to: effectively reach and communicate to both Australia and New Zealand audiences, create a seamless user flow for both business and consumer audience groups and redesign the website to be consistent with existing branding while readapting key elements for digital purposes, inclusive of delightful animations and transitions.

Key Features


The holistic solution required both design and technical expertise and as well as a thorough user experience analysis. Key insights were gathered from a deep-dive discovery session to get to know the business intimately, and it was here that the design and functionality brief took shape. The redesigned website achieves the balance of delightful interface design (through intentional interactions and animations) and a simple user interface which is easy to navigate for the user and presents content clearly and concisely in a way that ensures each user is easily finding the content they need.


Our design impact is simply helping highlight the good work of a brand which heroes producers and makes trade more fair for everyone in the supply chain. All materials used during the process were through digital means, down to concept sketches and remote meetings.


Our project showcases the benefits of investing in professional design through the feedback of the client. Good design is not only reflected in the launched \’final\’ product but in the process in which it went through to get there, and we are proud to not have only delivered something which has met business needs but to have delighted the client and end users as well.


Combining the functional aspects and content of two existing websites required prudent attention toward redirecting old URLs to the newly launched site ensuring no loss of SEO value. Along with a contemporary and bold redesign to embody the brand’s values whilst adapting it to the digital landscape, we split up the new website by user group (business vs. consumer). The solution allows users (through a variety of user journeys) to select their own audience group. This allowed the brand to talk directly to each of their audience groups, communicating key information to existing and potential licensees as well as potential consumers.


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