Fairhaven Table


  • John Wardle Architects


This table further develops ideas that have been explored in dining tables designed for our houses over many years.  It is however the most effusive as it suggests place settings, considers companion dining objects and responds to the character and orientation of the room that it sits within.

Constructed from solid Victorian Ash its sixteen timber sections create both the structure and the dining surface.  Each plate setting is incised into the surface and a felt place matt inserted.  An open tray and bowl carved from the same timber are inset into the table’s surface.

Key Features


This table is an iteration of a table designed by John Wardle Architects and tailored to each client. The table is designed both to take advantage of it material, its manufacturing process and enhance the sense of ritual and coming-together around the table, but also to be adaptable to a variety of circumstances. The design incorporates the advantages of both custom design and factory construction.

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