Fairhaven Beach House


  • John Wardle Architects


The spatial journey through the house from arrival to view is choreographed to increase anticipation before reaching the main living space. As you step beneath a cantilevered study into a dramatic vertical entry space, you become acutely aware of a number of twists and folds along its length that make the transformation into horizontal living space.

This beach house coils and steps around a protected central courtyard, which creates an outdoor space sheltered from the harsh prevailing winds. The living area doors and an oversized sliding kitchen window open up and integrate the courtyard with the house during fine weather.

Key Features


This house merges the highest quality design with the most sensitive approach to the public realm, native vegetation, the view of the site from the Great Ocean Road and the neighbour’s views.
The design includes a series of small courtyards with retained and re-established native vegetation. The house is clad in a green-grey zinc cladding, for both its longevity and natural colouring that merges with the scrub and tea tree landscape. The house and basement are set back from the side boundaries to encourage vegetation growth. Cantilevering forms seek to minimise the building footprint, allowing the vegetation to grow below.

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