Ezy Squeeze® Ultra Bucket


  • E.D. Oates


At a time when consumer awareness of sustainable water usage and household health and hygiene is increasing, Oates took the initiative to develop a product to meet the needs of the smarter consumer.
Our all new bucket strives to change the traditional form of household cleaning through smart and ergonomic design to reduce contamination and conserve water, while improving the efficiency of logistical transportation and merchandising.

Key Features


Dual separate compartments for clean and dirty water. Reduces contamination. Less dirty water means less refilling.
Flexible Ezy Squeeze® wringer requires less force to dispel water. Great for the aging population.
Anti-tipping handle – patented feature keeps bucket upright at all times preventing spills and reducing potential hazards.
Stackable design – world first patented design can be nested with the Ezy Squeeze® wringer attached to the main bucket, maximising retail space and logistical efficiency. Oates has challenged the conventional, untidy method of selling wringer mop buckets un-assembled while eliminating potential confusion about which parts make up one bucket.

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