Ezy Reach Dust Pan Set


  • Charlwood Design P/L
  • Charlwood Design P/L


A hybrid dustpan / lobby pan that fuses the benefits of both items delivering a household cleaning item that cleans quickly, easily and effectively. It is extremely suited to the elderly population where crouching down to clean small areas is eliminated and its space efficient design can be conveniently stored away for later use. At a very affordable of less than $15.

Key Features


Long upright handle prevents crouching and ergonomic handle.
Product has been designed with a long upright handle to prevent crouching associated with the traditional dustpan set found in most households. This is especially suited to the aging population where crouching or kneeling to clean small areas is problematic or not possible. Taking crouching out of the cleaning process also makes this task quicker for all users regardless of age or physical condition. The handle is ergonomically designed to make it easier to grip than tradition plastic tipped steel tube.


Compact design for easy storage
Smaller than a traditional lobby pan, this product can be stored away in a small to medium size cupboard and is light enough to hang on most storage hooks for easy access. The unit is also freestanding so it can be placed on the floor with confidence, without tipping over.


Long, flagged bristles effectively trap dirt
The bristles have been designed to provide the optimal sweeping action to ensure dirt and dust matter are collected and swept into the pan with the minimum amount of sweeps. The ends of the bristles are flagged to ensure that fine particles are trapped and not left behind on the floor surface.


Quality production.
Traditionally domestic dust pans are of a very low quality and are not made to last. All mouldings can with stand extreme use without failing. The handle is ultrasonically welded so not to snap apart due to flexing.

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