EZ mini planter


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This is a smart planting machine that is both practical and ornamental.

We hope to bring fresh food back to the city so that people can easily gain vegetables in their apartments.

It allows anyone to easily grow plants at home without professional knowledge.

Key Features


This product has a transparent cover that can connect the internal water tank and the outside to keep warm and prevent the entry of other pests. This greatly improves the survival rate of vegetable seedlings and users do not need to remove the shell to supplement the internal nutrient solution.

This device adopts tidal hydroponic planting technology, which greatly reduces the water consumption of the planter while ensuring the water demand of individual vegetables.


This product can improve the planting efficiency of non-professional users, and save the space, time and environmental cost of planting vegetables.

It can bring planting to every family, allowing everyone, whether children or adults, to obtain fresh vegetables through planting instead of going to the supermarket.

At the same time, under the epidemic situation, users can also grow vegetables at home as supplements for daily vitamins and plant fiber during self-isolation, which is far more healthy and sustainable than eating health products.


Following Human-centered design,We envision providing standardized planting vending machines in crowded areas so that users can buy mature vegetables or unripe vegetables and take them home into the EZ mini planter to store or continue to grow, and use this to extend the life of fresh vegetables.


Human-centered design is the purpose of this product. This product is fully automatic watering, users can plant vegetables immediately without complicated operations.

And through the step-type irrigation technology, the noise generated by the user in the use process is greatly reduced.

During the planting process, users can observe the remaining water level in the water tank through the translucent window at the bottom of the product and replenish the nutrient solution in time.


Stepped planting can maximize planting area and sunlight utilization.

Home planting machines can also be part of children\’s education

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