Expose Wrap


  • Knog Pty Ltd
  • Catalyst Design Group Pty Ltd


Expose wrap video light case for iPhones is specifically designed for low-light and night videography while also providing protection for your iPhone. Long presses turn expose wrap on and off and short presses cycle through 4 levels of brightness providing upto 100 lumens to light a scene. The expose wrap uses “Constant Current LED Drive Technology” to enable you to take videos without flicker. Providing up to 4.5 hours of runtime it has more than enough power. The USB rechargeable LiPo battery only takes 2.5 hours to charge so you’ll be able to take videos and photos night after night.

Key Features


In-built lighting on smartphones are not designed to take impressive night shots and they don’t. Knog saw an opportunity to provide a solution in the consumer market to enable better night photography. 9 LEDs deliver a warm, natural light at up to 3950 Kelvin and 100 lumens. Custom-designed optics provide an even dissipation of light and a beam angle that matches the iPhone’s camera.


The expose wrap video is operated with just one button. A single long press turns it on and off and quick presses change brightness levels, with 4 modes available. The light is conveniently integrated into a secure and robust case made in polycarbonate and overmoulded in soft-touch TPE. It is simple and easy to use which makes it more appealing to a wider consumer base.


The decision to integrate a product into an accessory provides it’s own challenges. With an ever-changing market place for smartphones where you see upgrades every year it’s hard to believe that you can keep up. But while people adopt new models, there are also those who keep their phones for a longer period of time. By developing products like this, it adds a different level of attention with regard to testing, product verification, manufacturing processes and quality checks at all stages from development to manufacture.

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