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Exigence are a Melbourne-based IT services firm specialising in bespoke solutions for the highly regulated biotech and pharma industries. Exigence engaged us to produce a contemporary, sophisticated digital experience that reflected their new brand identity and focused messaging in key industry verticals.

The website now highlights the team’s expertise while also quickly conveying the company’s ability to understand and manoeuvre through these industries’ unique needs. These efforts were paired with a digital marketing plan to create awareness of Exigence, support the decision making process, and promote advocacy and referral from within the company’s customer base.

Key Features


The majority of new leads to Exigence’s website are C-suite personnel, which affirms the importance of making a good first impression. User research with current and past clients revealed valuable insights about company perception and customer experience–particularly that healthy client relationships were the cornerstone of Exigence’s success. We therefore adopted a tone of voice that was warm, inviting, and inclusive. The intent was to create an on-site experience that emulated a collaborative partnership versus one that is detached and vague, showcasing the human side of Exigence.


Exigence underwent a rebranding to better represent their position as “more than just a service provider.” To support its corporate identity as an experienced, approachable, and personable group of collaborators, we implemented Exigence’s refreshed logo and colour palette throughout the site. Subtle parallax effects, smooth html transitions, and a striking geometric motif complemented modern branding and added a sense of movement and dimension.


The new Exigence website is a validation step for potential new clients and referred leads; this means it needs to to clearly communicate Exigence’s knowledge of and familiarity with the biotech and pharma sectors, and begin to garner trust and rapport by showcasing team members’ energy and experience. The central focus of the homepage is to introduce the company–particularly Exigence’s directors, who provide hands-on client support. We partnered with an external production agency to create a brief video aimed at humanising the brand.

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