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Australia’s educators are always striving to deliver the greatest possible learning impact for their students. The Evidence for Learning (E4L) initiative aims to raise educational outcomes across Australia (particularly for disadvantaged kids) by promoting and sharing evidence-informed education practice in Australian schools and early learning centres.

Thick developed the E4L brand and website – refining the social enterprise’s brand vision, strategy, and identity across all channels. The launch of E4L means that evidence-informed practice is now available to all Australian teachers and school leaders. The digital platform delivers a self-sustaining product with continuous impact.

Key Features


Accessible toolkits for all Aussie schools:
The web project presents outlines and summaries of evidence-based learning toolkits, to help “great education practice become common practice”. Evidence-based learning approaches are listed and are easily scannable, with clear indicators of cost, evidence security and time-to-impact. We presented the information in a mobile-friendly, super clear manner; so schools can best understand how to understand, assess and implement the best program of education for their students.


Understanding users to inform the brand:
Articulating the purpose and aims of E4L was critical to the success of the project. The development of a brand quadrant model allowed us to understand the aims of the business and their users by expressing them as elements of the brand. We also created ‘brand territories’ a process that allowed us to explore different expressions of typography, colour and image that would best suit the tone and voice of the E4L brand.


A scalable, ‘future proof’ digital platform:
In order to make E4L self-sufficient it was imperative that a digital platform was developed to enable scalability and longevity. The project had a tricky timeframe – we had to develop a smart way of creating the site from the ground up, within 6 weeks. Our designers and developers worked alongside each other, taking advantage of existing front-end development toolkits in order to meet the deadline and to rapidly design and and develop the website.


Developing integrated digital solutions:
E4L had an existing toolkit that needed to be integrated into the new website. We developed a bespoke API (Application Programming Interface) in partnership with SVA’s development team in the UK, that allowed a cost effective way of reusing existing systems and data – instead of building a new back-end system from scratch.

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