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Workplace wellbeing and comfort are becoming more recognised, with the environment of the office playing a major role in the happiness and productivity of the employees. As a result, Designers who’re involved with the creation of these spaces are looking for new and innovative ways to create comfortable working environments. Lighting is a key component considered when designing the space, and that’s where mLight comes in. We design and engineer customisable lighting solutions for our clients to create these spaces and with comfortable lighting that increase workplace wellbeing. The Evelo is one of our latest lighting innovation in this space.

Key Features


In our designs, we recognise that the final outcome for our clients is the comfort of the end user and to enhance the design and functionality of a space. Comfortable lighting often fits seamlessly into our everyday lives, and is only noticed when it\’s too bright, too dull, or positioned poorly. Light creates contrast and therefore instinctively attracts the eye of the end user to guide and draw them to a space, such as a work station or reception area. The Evelo has been designed so our clients can intuitively customise the profile to achieve this.


The initial perception of the Evelo in the market is that it\’s a \”game changer\”. The Evelo\’s slim profile and use of optics allow our clients to easily control the lighting for maximum comfort of the end user in the environment. As a result of this, we extended the design to introduce even more functionality in alignment with the way the Evelo could be used by our clients.


Through the design process, we have successfully explored and implemented a brand new form of light control that\’s seen in the Evelo and allows our clients to create comfortable lighting solutions for the end user. Simultaneously, the success of this product has also broadened our approach to be more adventurous in designing new products. We proactively research new technologies and attend international seminars to assess potential trends in our industry. Our engineering team aims to drive and inspire the concept of design thinking for the industry so our clients can more intuitively integrate light with their designs.


The Evelo\’s low glare and customisable controlled beam distribution allow for our clients to create the most comfortable lighting solution for the end user. This level of customisation and user comfort is becoming more expected by clients when they choose linear luminaires for their lighting design. When the end user is comfortable in the space, they are more easily able to concentrate, raising productivity and the ability to focus on the task at hand.


The Evelo is intuitively designed around how our clients create comfort lighting solutions for the end user. This includes the choice between different features such as optics, diffuser and blanks, as well as beam angles and lumen packages to control exactly how the light illuminates a space. The Evelo\’s slim profile can be mounted in multiple ways, is available in customisable lengths and different finishing options including black, white, colours, and wood finishes. As well as this, the light source in the Evelo has been recessed and comes with optional indirect lighting to reduce glare and increase end user comfort.

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