ETHOS – Pub of the future.


  • Sayali Abhay Tarnekar
  • Chi Zhang


Pubs are an integral part of Australian social lifestyle and the existing pub culture is based on stereotypical white Australian lifestyle, even when different ethnic communities are a part of it. ETHOS addresses the impact of changing cultural diversity on the creative ecosystem of pub culture through a digital platform that allows people of different ethnic communities to connect through pubs. It is a connection between pub owners, artist communities and the audience.

Key Features


The participation of the audiences, artists and pubs is connected through ETHOS which enables diverse international communities in Australia to be updated with pub activities and performances through an incredible user experience. The app includes pub events, activities, artist performances and also features like artist polls, pool payment, crowd-funding, choice of community events, registering interests, interaction, etc. Audiences can participate through workshops arranged on demand to promote the art.


– Does the project have the potential to make a positive impact from a social, environmental and/or commercial perspective?
– Does the design use materials that have the least possible environmental impact in its construction, in its day to day use and at the end of its life cycle?
– Does the design adhere to the principles of a circular economy such as designing out waste and pollution, minimising materials and regenerating natural systems?

ETHOS ensures that all stakeholders equally benefit from the service. Pub owners benefit by listing their pub open for hosting multicultural activities to reach the wider audience and helps to create business opportunities for the pubs while generating profit for the owners. Local as well as international artists get a platform to showcase their art by performing at the pub based on cultural interests. Audience gets an opportunity to enjoy performances on a rotational basis in different pubs, interact with the artists, creating crowdfunding to summon international artists, learn art and music through workshops and subscribing to their events.


– Does the project set a new benchmark for design and will it showcase the benefits of investing in professional design?
– Does the project advance the profession of design in Victoria, Australia and/or the world?
– Does the project build on and contribute to the reputation and status of Victoria’s design and creative culture?

Victoria is a home to multiple cultures and communities that strive hard to fit in the Australian pub culture. While the traditional model of the pub remains intact, ETHOS develops on the broader user group, ensuring involvement and opportunities for diverse cultures to become a part of the system. ETHOS encourages different communities to enjoy multicultural art and performances in a social way and develop community relationships that can be scaled from Victoria to the whole of Australia.


– Does the project solve a legitimate problem or create a new opportunity in a truly innovative and imaginative manner?
– Is the project unique and does it offer any new and/or ground-breaking design features?
– Is the design user-centred and does it answer the individual needs of its users and respond to their circumstances?

Australia is a multicultural and diverse country where thousands of international students stay away from home and become a part of this culture. The business model of the Australian pub is falling, the primary reason being negligence to ethnic groups especially considering emerging international artists. ETHOS aims at boosting this model through an app interface that serves as a connection between pub owners, artist communities and the diverse audience where everything is managed through a profiling system with options for interacting. It redefines the pub culture with the active engagement and needs of changing diversity of cultural communities through technology.

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