Eponymous – Honours Collection


  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)


Grace’s fashion practice specialises in menswear with a particular emphasis on the concept of branding. In her work, the “logo” is disseminated through finishes, fastenings, accent colours, text and styling. The fusion of sportswear and traditional tailoring is fundamental to her design development and is used to reconceptualise modern streetwear. She is greatly inspired by digital culture and the way in which youth interact with commercial brand’s; expressing themselves through dress. Construction, considered detailing, textured fabrications and a high level of finish are integral to Grace’s design outcomes.

Key Features


Eponymous explores ways branding can be physically embedded into menswear. The “logo” is recontextualized using an accent of red, positioning and specialised techniques.

Branding is approached in a humourous manner where text forms a major part of the conceptual realisation through repetition, quip remarks and surface decoration. Functional detailing, and expression of movement are intrinsic to the collection. Hybridisation of sportswear and tailoring is executed through textiles and form using a textured, muted, colour palette.

Eponymous comments on how youth cultures interact with brands today and acknowledges the commercial success sportswear and lifestyle brands such as Nike and Calvin Klein.


The collection, made in Melbourne uses a combination of local and international suppliers. Eponymous exercises the concept of collaboration in depth through a series of photoshoots that focus on areas of movement, commercial expression and an exploration of youth culture. This collection was also shown in a salon show produced by 5 RMIT honours students, including the designer. Where the collection was disseminated across runway and static installation.

This honours project pushes conceptual thinking and branding strategies within the streetwear context. It has established a strong future direction for the designer upon the conclusion of her studies and will become the catalyst for further interrogation of the logo, the process of collaboration and youth culture.

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