Epidemic Sound – Music for your videos


  • Todd Watts
  • Fabrizio Morra
  • Epidemic Sound


We were approached by music licensing company; Epidemic Sound to collaborate in creating a stop-mo, paper crafted animation. Everyone knows music can make or break an animation, so our answer lead with a resounding HELL YEAH! We began creating concepts centred around a quirky, crafty design solution to elevate the music.

Key Features


This highly detailed paper sculpture animation took 3 weeks of build time and 4 days of shoot time day in and day out. The majority of the props have been handcrafted in paper, while the rest is built from hand painted wood. The animation was created over the course of 3 months in early 2017.


The ‘sound level’ wave sequence in the middle of the animation was some of the most difficult stop-mo we’ve ever created! Each coloured piece had to be individually raised and lowered from underneath to create the ‘wave’ motion.


The animation has been very well received online, it perfectly represents what can be created using ‘Epidemic Sound’s’ services. So far it’s received 12,335,984 views!

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