Envoy 2210 Series HF Transceiver


  • Codan Limited
  • Outerspace Design Group


Envoy™ delivers dependable, clear, voice and data communications in challenging environments, independent of existing infrastructure. Significant R&D by Codan, and industrial design by Outerspace Design Group, has resulted in a smart radio unsurpassed in its class offering: industry-leading RF performance and DSP, interoperability with other transceivers, future-upgradable software-defined architecture, built-in email modem, GPS support, and IP remote control and connectivity. With a space saving design, that enables you to mount the handset and RD unit separately, and its icon-based full-colour, multi-lingual UI and programming software, Envoy is one of the most intuitive and easy to operate HF radios available worldwide.

Key Features


Industry leading RF Performance
Clear voice communications and reliable data transmission are the prime objectives of Envoy. Envoy uses latest-generation high-performance Digital Signal Processor, Field-Programmable Gate Array and microprocessor technology. Combined with carefully selected components, industry leading performance specifications and Easitalk™ noise reduction technology ensures error free communications in critical field missions. Envoy’s CALM™ (Codan Automated Link Management) uses dynamic channel characterisation to maximise clear signal. Your communications are also safe with a choice of three voice encryption options, CIVS, CES and AES, customisable to suit different security needs. Security is integrated with core transceiver functions ensuring simplicity of operation.


Backward-Compatibility and Forward thinking Software Architecture
Envoy supports currently used calling standards ensuring full interoperability with earlier generation Codan, competitor and legacy transceivers. Envoy is future-proof: DSP and Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology allow software-defined architecture protecting customers\’ investment through future-upgradability to support evolving standards. Ethernet connectivity provides the capability for remote control over IP. Programming and firmware upgrade are supported at high speed. IP connectivity enables remote operation and configuration of the radio almost anywhere in the world, while access to settings can be selectively protected via an administrator pin.


Intuitive Deployment, Programming and Operation
With its large, high-resolution, back-lit colour display and customisable icon-based menu system, and scrolling contact list, Envoy is as simple to operate as modern smart phones. Codan’s Programming Software provides a powerful user-friendly tool for the rapid configuration of your Envoy Transceiver. Ease of field deployment is assured through the USB Smartloader capability enabling installation of profiles via direct USB connection or USB memory device. Alternatively Envoy can be configured directly through the intuitive menu system, with the assistance of the in-built quick-start guides. The Envoy UI and PC programming software are available in languages other than English.


Rugged Reliability, Self-Diagnostics and Smart Monitoring
To the user, the Envoy just works, every time. Designed for rugged environments, Envoy keeps on working for years in the field. Envoy™ features Built-in Test Equipment (BITE). An automatic self-test is run on start-up, and additional tests can be run manually. Remote management is also supported via over-the-air diagnostic and status calls. Envoy continually monitors forward and reflected power. Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) can be displayed to the user, and poor VSWR is quickly reported. Flexible scanning networks increase HF capacity.


Email and GPS Integration
Envoy is available with a robust internal data modem, providing chat and email capability. Unlike competitor offerings, this does not require the installation of an additional hardware module. Envoy supports connection of GPS via NMEA0183 compatible GPS receivers. This enables polling and sending of GPS positions over air. Distance and bearing to other users can be displayed. When used with Internav™ CHF tracking PC software, up to 100 vehicles can be tracked. Internav™ provides advanced features such as corridor and alarm zones, waypoints, and recording of emergency event.

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