EnPointe Wireless Fencing Display


  • EnPointe Fencing Pty Ltd
  • Callum Laurenson
  • Tony Grubman
  • Rachel Muir-Smith
  • Justin Powell


The EnPointe Wireless Fencing Display is the latest product using EnPointe Wireless Fencing technology. It eliminates the need for costly and non-portable wires and reels in the sport of fencing. The new display increases portability, reliability, and includes accessibility features to lead the industry in performance and inclusive design. The display renders the EnPointe system autonomous, eliminating the need for existing scoring machines. It performs to competition standards on a piste/in clubs, and to extremely high practice standards outdoors or without a piste. The EnPointe System demonstrates significantly superior reliability, sensitivity, and user-friendliness compared to other systems on the market.

Key Features


The EnPointe Wireless Fencing Display is simple, user-friendly, and reliable. The Universal Design process is central to the EnPointe philosophy. Traditional display systems simply use red/green and white squares for ‘on’ and ‘off-target’ hits, and we have identified issues with this for people with red/green and blue/yellow colour blindness. Our display uses directional arrows to indicate hits, and high contrast colour choices for people with colour blindness. Our unique audio tones also allow for better directional determination of scoring sounds, and the display also uses intuitive symbols, making it user-friendly for people of all language backgrounds.


The EnPointe display is manufactured in Melbourne to Australian manufacturing, environmental and employment standards. Other wireless fencing systems on the market need to be physically returned to the manufacturer for update when new standards are introduced by the FIE, which is costly and environmentally unsound. We provide updates free of charge through remote Bluetooth software updates. The display is also easy for repairers to disassemble, and any part can be replaced in isolation should repairs be needed. We use a recyclable aluminium exterior and recyclable LiFePO4 battery. It is tough and built to last for at least 10 years.


With it’s excellent build quality, and highly intuitive and aesthetic design, the EnPointe Wireless Fencing Display is a truly innovative product on the world stage. This product brings universal design principles and user-centered design into the fencing display market for the first time. With many world-first features and innovations, the EnPointe display sets the benchmark for all future designs in fencing scoring technology.


All other integrated 3-weapon wireless scoring solutions on the market require ongoing calibration, or additional personal equipment (these include conductive clothing, connective dongles, special belts). The EnPointe Wireless Fencing Display creates a calibration-free experience, and is fully compatible with fencers’ current personal equipment. This product alone possesses several world-first user features, including a high contrast and customisable scoring screen for people with red/green and blue/yellow color blindness, free Bluetooth software updates, and troubleshooting indicators to diagnose equipment problems. It is the most reliable 3-weapon wireless scoring system on the global consumer market.


• User centred intuitive interface, with clear iconography and smooth controls, including world first troubleshooting indicators to diagnose faulty equipment.
• Super portable design, coming in at 800g – less than a tenth of the weight of traditional wired scoring equipment. This reduces the cost and environmental impacts of shipping, and reduces hazardous wiring in a sporting environment.
• Designed to last and to be improved, with robust build quality and free customer updates
• World first inclusive design features for people with visual/auditory impairments
• Eliminates the ongoing maintenance tasks like wire repair required to use existing scoring solutions.

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