• Laura Banfield


Presented as an array of various considerations including that of encasing; the human body and an existence within space are addressed. Despite pursuing an initially intangible concept, designs sought to reveal two tangible and corresponding systems. These were driven by an extensive investigation directed by material selection and construction. Experimenting channeled the potentials of materials both singly and together, through leather moulding, mannequin work, and various macrame techniques.

Key Features


Fashion design context:
In depth theoretical research transferred to design guidelines.
Development of said design guidelines, which outcomes abide by in addition to conforming to a material\’s natural abilities or tendencies.
Designs unfold as each element correlates and informs the next.
Extensive exploration into materials and learning new techniques (machine knitting, macrame, leather work) to reveal a harmonious selection of methods and material fulfilling notions of concept.

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